My photography blog is filled with things I see.
I work on photos in post (sometimes), and shoot RAW format (most of the time).
If you see something you want to use, contact me with the image name you are interested in.
I’m open to backlinks.

Each section is a different set up, because I’m changing my process… hang tight!
*Under Construction 😉

Vancouver Clock

Granville Street

Alley Lights

Marine Building

Alberni St

The Reflect

Hummingbird in West Vancouver

Hotel Vancouver


Victory Square

Fresh Tracks

Snow buds

English Bay in the Winter Snow

Seymour on Seymour

Smile Vancouver Restaurant

Bird Camo

Reach for the Sky

That cool hill you see from downtown


Lions Gate Bridge

Water Drops

Love Lock Port

Park in Vancouver

Hastings Street Reflection

Lonsdale Quay Hotel

Waterfront Station

Fire Engine Red

Directional in North Vancouver

A Quick Peer


Cordova Street Light

Crows Downtown Lunch

Follow the Lines

Traffic Light in Glass

Yellow and Grey

Old home Strathcona

Strathcona old home

Strathcona Blue

Strathcona Yellowhome

Yellow Door

Amazing and brave

West Vancouver Stairs

Vancouver city fog

Vancouver Fog

Vancouver alley in the DTES

Vancouver Port from Crab Park

Gastown Vancouver

Vancouver from Railtown

Birds on a Wire

Burnaby Foggy Day

Vancouver downtown evening

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