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Soap Making

Welcome to our soap making info page. This is general information about what's in our soap. question: why did i get soap? answer: because we love you. Our soap is a work in progress. We are looking forward to making molds. We did make a silicone mold of a circuit board, so keep your eyes open for that piece of art in your collection :) Damien is [...]

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Password Managers

Why Password Managers? I'm asked about password managers often. Or maybe I complain about people's password habits, so I get asked. Full disclosure; I do not like cloud products. I'm sure there are a bunch out there if that's what you are looking for. Easy to use and safe. If not, and you just want a database of passwords (think of your old spreadsheet of passwords) you [...]

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Virtual Office canWork Cloud Guide

Nikkles uses canWork Cloud as a virtual office.This keeps all your data in Canada, and free from 3rd party information collection using CanTrust Hosting Co-operative's product: canWork Cloud. Full disclosure, it's been such a great platform to use, I'm working with CanTrust helping them set up and launch Nextcloud for everyone!Here's a quick overview.What is it?It's an online business tool or project storage area.  Helps keep emails down, [...]

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Vancouver Clock

I actually don't know the name of this building. I will update this as soon as I find out

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