Password Managers

Why Password Managers? I'm asked about password managers often. Or maybe I complain about people's password habits, so I get asked. Full disclosure; I do not like cloud products. I'm sure there are a bunch out there if that's what you are looking for. Easy to use and safe. [...]

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Virtual Office canWork Cloud Guide

Nikkles uses canWork Cloud as a virtual office.This keeps all your data in Canada, and free from 3rd party information collection using CanTrust Hosting Co-operative's product: canWork Cloud. Full disclosure, it's been such a great platform to use, I'm working with CanTrust helping them set up and launch Nextcloud for [...]

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Crops and bleeds for digital printing

How to add crops and bleeds in Adobe when saving out a print ready .pdf Creating wonderful designs is hard enough, without having the extra stress of wondering if the printers will send your design back because it doesn't have the correct crop marks set (with bleeds). This is [...]

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*not work*

Soap Making

Welcome to our soap making info page. This is general information about what's in our soap. question: why did i get soap? answer: because we love you. Our soap is a work in progress. We are looking forward to making molds. We did make a silicone mold of a [...]

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