Nikkles uses canWork Cloud as a virtual office.

This keeps all your data in Canada, and free from 3rd party information collection using CanTrust Hosting Co-operative’s product: canWork Cloud. Full disclosure, it’s been such a great platform to use, I’m working with CanTrust helping them set up and launch Nextcloud for everyone!
Here’s a quick overview.

What is it?

It’s an online business tool or project storage area.  Helps keep emails down, makes it easy to find the latest information. That keeps projects moving forward (and stores it all too)). Live documents, content, comments, images, all together in one place. Having trouble opening a document, try a different browser! Safari has bugs.

What to Expect

You’ll receive a link and separate password email.

nikkles share email screenshot

That will let you into the virtual office, and give you access to the workfolders:

Once you are in, you can create folders, add documents, edit documents, add spreadsheets, share files:

screenshot of nextcloud folders

Create upload only folders for gathering images for this project from different departments:

inside Nextcloud

Create documents to share

Download your folder at the end of the project (top right download button).

*Nikkles does not store your items indefinitely.

Please make sure you copy the full folder if you want to keep all communication (it is removed 1 month after the current project is completed).