Project Description

About the client

Vancouver’s (and B.C.’s) first VPN certified pizzeria.

About the project contract ended 2019

Website, print collateral, menus, digital strategy, and photography, plus a new location integration.

This is a good example of a local business website. Nicli Antica Pizzeria now hosts events, and has an online ticketing system for their ticket sales. The content has been building up over time as well (and Google loves that).

Design 2018 – 2019

Nicli Antica Pizzeria has an established logo and branding. They rely on this for the family pizza traditions.

Now they can add events and expand their reach both on and offline, with targeted location marketing. Google and newspaper ads and targeted SEO.

Expanding to a new location (Edgemont Village) – and to point all customers to the correct location is key. They have a niche brand and amazing food.


Atmosphere and food!